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COUPLE COULD FACE A $1 BILLION DIVORCEImage result for beyonce and jay z living separate

Beyonce and Jay Z‘s marriage continues to crumble after the rapper was caught in a shocking sex scandal! was first to obtain court documents alleging Jay-Z, has been fighting to avoid a DNA test that could whether prove he fathered a now-adult son. Rymir Satterthwaite, 23, claimed in the court documents that his mother, Wanda, had sexual intercourse with Jay Z back in 1992, resulting in his birth.Image result for Rymir Satterthwaite

It has also been revealed that Jay Z was just 22-years-old at the time he allegedly transported the then-teenage Wanda from her home in Pennsylvania to his Brooklyn apartment in the Marcy Projects for sex.

The Families Civil Liberties Union attorneys are representing Satterwaite in his ongoing paternity battle against the music mogul in Pennsylvania.

The new details that have emerged about Jay Z’s relationship with the teenage girl have come at a difficult time in Jay Z and Beyonce’s relationship. Although the celebrity couple is said to have been working on repairing their relationship, a source said that the couple has been sitting on the brink of divorce following Beyonce’s release of Lemonade last year, which dealt with Jay Z’s infidelity.

Beyonce and Jay Z got married in April of 2008. Their marriage has repeatedly made headlines in the past with cheating allegations and rumors of love children.

According to insiders, the notoriously low-key couple has not made any announcements regarding their relationship because Beyonce is not ready to do so.