As is relatively common practice nowadays for celebrity names, her parents had made two attempts to trademark her name, first at ‘Blue Ivy’ shortly after she was born, and then at ‘Blue Ivy Carter last year… but Blue Ivy Events opposed both.

Veronica Morales had challenged the couple’s new application earlier this month arguing that the pair have no intent to use it in the marketplace as they claim

Bey and Jay’s application covers everything from beauty products to ‘baby teething rings’.

In addition to fragrances, cosmetics, hair care and skincare, the paperwork – which is publicly available to view on the United States Patent and Trademark Office database, also lists key chains, DVDs, CDs, baby carriages, bags, books and even playing cards and ‘live musical performances’.

In its arguments, the company pointed out it was operating under that moniker for three years before the child was even born.

The challenge also points out that the rapper is on record as saying they have no intention of actually selling any products; rather they’re just trying to prevent others from doing so.

Since then the couple have given birth to twins Rumi and Sir. They names were revealed when the trademark applications were made public, even before the twins birth had been confirmed.

Nope: Beyonce’s team refused; and now want Morales and her lawyers to turn over all evidence of the sales pitch — including the Power Point presentation — to prove that the entire trademark battle has just been a money grab