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Throwback Magazine

W’ere a media channel that highlights the evolution of Black Entertainment, athletes, actors, actresses, musicians and public figures alike.We revisit the lives and careers of these intriguing people and iconic figures with the intent to celebrate whats been accomplished over a hundred plus years in Black Entertainment History, which is the very core of what propelled us into the present. Those who may remain relevant in their own families,communities and organizations, Throwback has created an encouraging cultural platform for our retro entertainers as well as those who are at the height of their careers and success, especially those who continue to influence the culture of Black Entertainment now.

“Throwback was created first to fill the void in the minds of so many people who ask everyday about entertainers from back in the day. Secondly,because of the ascending success and historical milestones which are molding the face of the future should continuously be celebrated.

Our objective is to become and remain an effective high quality media channel  that transcends all over the world, one that is enjoyed throughout every lifestyle, household and community across the globe. Delivering hot new topics, styles and trends first and on time.

We’re enlightening, w’ere refreshing.. We are Throwback! The premiere destination for everything Old School.


Carlos J. Jones is the founder and CEO of Throwback Magazine and an expert with over twenty years of experience in the fields of music,digital media and multicultural marketing.Carlos Founded Throwback in 2009 with a small investment in a publishing company called Queen Lion which was intended to be an umbrella organization for the many projects and visions that were created.

In 2013 Carlos became a self accomplished Author penning his own novel called Crack Wars: The Era of no Return.He then parted ways and launched Throwbackmag.com  and today oversees the diverse retro/Nostalgia global digital media company for multicultural audiences.